Our Approach

Our Approach

our approach


Your Social Enterprise can be successful based on a combination of optimizing factors.  The end result will be more income for you.  Success is that simple.  I believe that the following factors are crucial for a successful Social Enterprise:

Cultivating Relationships

Social Enterprise is all about relationships.  The success of your Social Enterprise depends on how you form and maintain relationships with others.  This includes your co-owners, employees, and customers.  Social Enterprise owners often overlook how central this factor is and forget to emphasize it with their employees.  I will help you evaluate the personal dynamics of your work environment and how they are affecting your Social Enterprise, and provide a new plan for successful communication that includes employee management and customer service skills.

Optimizing Confidence

The biggest barrier to the growth of your Social Enterprise can be your own fear.  Personal fears can be both rational and irrational, commonly existing around issues such as being good enough, selling yourself, and indecision about giving your Social Enterprise the time and commitment that is needed for its growth.  These fears need to be addressed in order for your confidence, and your Social Enterprise, to grow.  I will help you identify personal barriers that hold you back in the marketing of your Social Enterprise and teach you new skills so that you can promote yourself and your Social Enterprise with confidence.

Identifying Your Niche

Your strengths and talents are why people frequent your Social Enterprise.  Rather than just existing in a competitive market, learn to identify and focus on what makes you and your Social Enterprise unique so that you can stand out above others.  I will help you realize your unique strengths and develop a custom-designed marketing plan that includes speaking about your Social Enterprise confidently in order to create desire.

Keeping a Pulse on Marketplace Trends

Even successful Social Enterprisees become complacent over time.  The perception of your Social Enterprise as being stale or stagnant is not what you want your customer to walk away with.  You can maintain your niche and make changes that lend a fresh tone to your Social Enterprise at the same time.  I will help you learn to conduct market research to keep up with new trends in order to appeal to new customers and create reasons for your existing customers to continue coming back.



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