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NGOCSR.com / NGOCSRAwards.com is a Social Enterprise and Largest NGO Community.

About Us

About Us

Who We Are

NGOCSR.com (a parent Organisation of NGOCSRAwards.com) is a social start-up enterprise dedicated to helping social organizations scale their impact by leveraging Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We offer training and guidance to social entrepreneurs to sustainably scale their organizations through the use of technology.

NGOCSR.com is inspired by and formed by Mr. Bharat Thakkar. We foster a platform that leverages Mr. Thakkar’s experience and expertise in technology and government to mobilize Indian social entrepreneurs to become change agents.

We believe that if social entrepreneurs are given the skills, support, and networks they need to improve their use of technology, they will be able to accelerate the impact of their organisations.

A number of social organizations in India have demonstrated the potential for technology to enable a massive and rapid scaling. NGOCSR.COM seeks to derive best practices from these success stories and thereby enable a significant number of other organizations to scale their impact in a similar way.



Our Founder Mr. Bharat Thakkar along with Our Team visited every nook and corner of Gujarat State and some part of Nation and Sensitised NGOs for various activities as well as raised Funds for them.

NGO Seminars in last 2 Years

Villages Visited for Development

and more NGOs Associated with us

and more NGOs Sensetized


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